CanaFez – Noisy neighbours

This is something that’s been in the current build for a little while now but I thought I’d make a full post here since, well, I’ve been a bit neglectful in regards to posting updates / features about CanaFez on this site.

Plus it’s a good excuse as any to post some new pictures of the game. LOOK AT THESE PICTURES OF MY VIDEO GAME!

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CanaFez (working title)

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a personal project outside of a game jam or university project, so I thought it high time to jump back into game development once again and try my hand at a new project…


CanaFez is a blend between the excellent rooftop runner Canabalt and the world rotation mechanics from Fez. This project is currently in its pre-alpha/prototype stage so a lot of stuff is susceptible to change but what is confirmed is that the game will feature a procedurally  generated city with various goals / upgrades scattered about the environment to encourage exploration.

canafez.gifIf you’d like to keep up with development news for this project, you can follow me on Twitter or view all my recent tweets about CanaFez here.

Big Goose (and website)

Following our success with Type Fighter, we were approached by our University to develop a number of additional arcade games for a week of cyber security awareness (organised by UWE’s IT department).

Towards the end of development I took the initiative to create a website to help publicise the games we created under the name Big Goose Games. I also created a number of video trailers and press packages for our three games.

Visit to see this website and find links to download the games we developed!