Hazmat Harry #GGJ18

Last weekend I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chris Mugridge and Nick Willsher to develop Hazmat Harry, our game for Global Game Jam 2018.


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It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on any personal projects and even longer since developing a game independently, so at the start of October I entered GBJam, a Game Boy themed game jam. For this jam, participants had 10 days (October 1st – 10th) to a develop a game of any genre using only 4 colours at a resolution of 160×144.

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Hunting Season

Hunting Season is the game myself and some colleagues made for a fox themed game jam as part of the Commercial Games Development module for the Games Technlology (BSc) course at UWE.

This game was originally developed in ~48 hours in September 2015. I’ve made a few updates recently to improve the user experience, namely sound and music options as well as adding a few new sound effects in.

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Attack Of The Chubster

A small game that a friend and I put together as part of the 2016 Global Game Jam.

Said friend was responsible for creating all the art assets in the game, as well as animating them, leaving me responsible for the programming side of the project.  Total development time on this game ended up being ~21 hours for the both of us.

This project was definitely a lot of fun to work on and the time constraints really pushed the both of us to work as efficiently as possible. There’s been a fair amount of discussion about developing this game further once we both have some more time including additional weapons, enemies and power-ups.As always I’ll post any updates to the game on this site as and when they happen

I put together a small trailer for the game which you can view here:

You can also download this game, here!