Craig’s Video Game made for Ludum Dare 42 That isn’t even SLIGHTLY similar to Dig Dug 2!


Come and play my new video game made for Ludum Dare 42!

Watch me talk about the video game!


Pico 8 – It’s very good

I love Pico 8. It’s a fantasy games console that you can buy right now for only $15. This gives you access to hundreds of amazing open source¬†games and more importantly, allows you to create your own programs, sprites, sound effects and music.

I’ve been getting to grips with Pico-8 in the last couple of weeks and also become quite evangelical about getting people to try it out for themselves (hence, this post). It’s a real treat to be able to iterate on tiny game ideas super fast and explore new ideas. Here’s a few things I’ve put together recently as examples;


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